Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Starting with home schooling both our boys

We have decided to start homeschooling the kids starting 14th Sept and we are nervous!!! Its loads of information and materials to seive through. More updates to come :)

Pappa hard at work ;)

Classroom setup at home

We realised the last setup we had had too many distractions of "regular" toys that would make a lesson harder to manage. So we took away all toys and put them away for now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sassy mamma feature!

Yahoo this is our second post on sassy mamma this month!
This one is called that mama  and the next one about Fika and Nordiska:)

Photo by Gunilla for sassy

Our events website is finally up!! Hurrah!!!

Yay! Our events website Nordiska Events is up!!
It showcases all the lovely events we have done so far!

Gold  and White Wedding - Fika Beach Rd Upstairs

Dinosaur Party - Fika Onekm

My Little Pony Party - Fika Onekm

Pandora Spring Launch - Fika Millenia Walk

Micros Fidelio Party - Onsite

Nuffnang Party - Fika Beach Rd Upstairs

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Painting for grandma (farmor) in Sweden ;)

Getting painting done to be added into farmors surprise package from us!

Tray activities and sensory bins

Love thinking of fun activities for the kids to do for tray activities and sensory bins -for them to play and explore!

Barley transferring for fine motor skills

Stencil drawing with a pasta portioning tool

Fossil building

Sealife sensory bin (a few dinos found their way in there)

Dinosaur sensory bin

Montessori at home

We love the idea of how montessori works for children and their ability to function as independent, grounded beings.

We are now starting to make our home more montessori friendly and here are some of our latest attempts :)