Thursday, December 20, 2012

A brand new outlet and a brand new baby!

hey guys!

Its been ages since my last post and since we are linked to this blog from our fika website i thought it'll be a good idea to update it :) Its been 3 yrs since we opened our Beach rd outlet and as most of you know we now have an outlet at Millennia Walk.Yay!!

I remember taking my pregnancy test at Millennia Walk just after having a meeting with our contractor about the materials to use to build our bar. I was close to tears (no actually i was IN tears) when i saw the positive indication on the test, i was overwhelmed with the thought of having a new baby and opening a second cafe at the same time! Horror!!

Adam, 2 months old in Sweden
Mika pushing Adams swing even though its automatic

Our cosy corner at the new Millennia branch

Well I'm happy to say I've lived through it with the help of a wonderful supportive family and friends to happily report that our second son Adam is now 2.5 months old, our First son Mika is now 20 months and our Millennia outlet is now almost half a year old! Looking forward to going back to work soon and meeting up with all of you at the cafe again!