Monday, May 4, 2009

Tas & Joakim in Phuket - 30 April to 3 May 2009

It was Joakim's first and my second time in Phuket, the first time was a press trip so it was so different, i hardly saw Phuket on that trip.

We rented a car from the airport and with much luck managed to find our hotel on Kamala Beach about a 25 minute drive from the airport.

We stayed at Cape Sienna Phuket, a gorgeous hotel but so new that it has so many teething problems. I recommend that if you really wanted to stay there wait at least a year or two till they get their act together.

We drove up and down to Patong beach during the 4 days a couple of times, one time we even managed to find a swedish cafe and had lunch there. I have to say that Phuket is sooo expensive now! Some things are cheaper in Singapore! Get that!

It's been 5 years since the Tsunami but they cleaned up so well you wouldn't have guessed it ever happened. I got so paranoid that it might happen again that i changed our hotel from one on the beachfront to one on a cliff...:)

On the second day we took a half day boat trip to the Khai islands for some swimming and snorkeling. The scenery was breathtaking and the waters so clear! When we stopped on the island there were fish right there at the shore waiting for you to feed them. For someone who has a diving cert i have to say i'm the biggest wussy ever when it comes to swimming amongst fish...i was so weirded out i was screaming all the way onto the beach. Hehe leaving Joakim looking very embarrassed in the water hehehee.....

It was great that found the time to go on this trip, i can't wait for our next one.....hmmmm


farah said...

your hotel looks so nice though...good thing you gave warning..

the undomesticated wife said...

That looks amazing! I've *always* wanted to visit Thailand. Always.

Azreen and Hafiz said...

ya tas the hotel is gorgeous! And the water looks fantastic. Have to go again. Love u

Anonymous said...

It's always so important to return to nature , to feel free, to have time for love and laughter. You both look so happy and in love and its really beautiful.

Love you,