Monday, May 25, 2009

A summer home by the sea

ahhhh what a dream! i would like to move in with this lady right now! I especially love that her bedroom door opens to the sea! How peaceful....

Photos from SKONA HEM

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sorelle's Move

Hehehe was looking through my photos and found this one, i love how we look so cool sitting at the back of a truck....heheh we at least i think we do... :) We were helping Sorello and Nick move to their second home....*they've moved again since then.

Simple Sewing for Babies by Lotta Jansdotter

I have been so behind with my sewing projects and pleadge to get back to it as soon as i can. This lovely book by Swedish Lotta Jansdotter is so cute with easy instructions for Play Quilt with Pockets, Soft Rattles, Soft Letters, Book Mates/Bookends, Diaper Bag, Bib Kerchief, Soft Book and Bloomers (just to name a few). You can order the book here.

Graphic Design, Web Design & Illustration Services

Dear friends,

While waiting for my cafe to open i will be doing freelance design, if you know of anyone who needs a logo, brochure, illustrations, portraits, web design or basically anything else that needs designing please tell them about us!

Here is a write up on our services:

Speckletone Design is an independent design studio with a focus on creating strong visual communication in printed and digital media. We also have a strong background in fine art with more than 15 yrs of experience.

Using a process of research and exploration we create highly effective communication solutions combining inspirational ideas and beautifully crafted design.

We specialise in original thinking , simplicity and creative, effective design solutions.

Visit to view our portfolio.

Call 90023853 (tas) or email for more information.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

True garden living

I've always loved the idea of living amongst plants, i'm so inspired to have a home just like this!


Monday, May 11, 2009

The Idea Book

Tonight i was lucky enough to meet up with Fredrik Haren of interesting .org we were discussing his decision to moving into the upstairs of our cafe (our fingers and toes crossed that he will!) and he gave me a copy of his lovely book "THE IDEA BOOK", beautifully cloth bound and so pretty that you'd think twice about writting in it! hehe. I'm looking forward to savoring its contents as i jot down my ideas and squiggles. You can find it in borders bookstore, and (just to name a few) Perfect as a gift or a lil' treat for yourself.

Review from The book is nicely balanced between 150 pages about ideas and 150 blank pages for your notes or drawings. The stories or lessons are set apart in olive green so you can easily find them. Each follows the format of title, subtitle, background and activity. The activity might be one or more questions or a challenge such as see if you can manage to listen to 50 ideas without saying anything negative about them. Each story is about a page, but no more than two. Some of the stories I've seen before, but most were new. They all illustrated a point and helped rekindle ideas or make me think. Some stories even made me laugh in public such as Einstein's delivering the same exam twice. You can get a flavor for the book by downloading the free 30 page sample PDF file from the site. At first, I was hesitant about the size and binding. The book is hardbound and 8 x 6 and about an inch think. Previously, when I've recorded my ideas, I've used a spiral bound lined notebook. I preferred the spiral bound as it is easier for me to write and rip out pages. However, the solid construction of this binding makes me think in more permanent terms. In some ways, this format is making me more disciplined as I find myself setting aside time to read the book and capture ideas. When I fill up my 150 pages, I will undoubtedly hang onto the book. Hopefully, Fredrik will provide periodic updates or volumes so I continue my learning and idea capturing. Fredrik Haren, who bills himself as Sweden's most popular creativity lecturer, has launched an English language version of The Idea Book, a unique, 300-page creative thinking diary that alternates between thoughtful, inspiring essays that are designed to stimulate your creative muse, and blank pages where you can write down your ideas.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hiring for Fika Cafe

My dear readers,

Could you please help me spread the word.

I'm currently hiring staff for my new cafe, Fika Cafe and Bistro:

Exciting new cafe opening end July along Arab street.

Is currently looking for:

1) Head Chef
2) Cooks

Experienced in European/Swedish/ Scandinavian Cuisine.
Knowledge in Swedish food is huge advantage.

3) Kitchen Helper
To assist crew and perform cleaning and washing duties.

3) Cafe Supervisor
4) Servers

With experience, high discipline and good command of English.

Singaporeans/Swedish/ PR's only.

Email your resumes to Or call 90023853 (Tas)

Favourites - Illustrations from etsy

Magnolia and flower illustration no. 6692 and Magnolia Bug no.6672 by kariherer, Automne Set of 4 prints by aliette, Type Bird by tabidesigns, Colorful cacti and birds print by joojoo.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tas & Joakim in Phuket - 30 April to 3 May 2009

It was Joakim's first and my second time in Phuket, the first time was a press trip so it was so different, i hardly saw Phuket on that trip.

We rented a car from the airport and with much luck managed to find our hotel on Kamala Beach about a 25 minute drive from the airport.

We stayed at Cape Sienna Phuket, a gorgeous hotel but so new that it has so many teething problems. I recommend that if you really wanted to stay there wait at least a year or two till they get their act together.

We drove up and down to Patong beach during the 4 days a couple of times, one time we even managed to find a swedish cafe and had lunch there. I have to say that Phuket is sooo expensive now! Some things are cheaper in Singapore! Get that!

It's been 5 years since the Tsunami but they cleaned up so well you wouldn't have guessed it ever happened. I got so paranoid that it might happen again that i changed our hotel from one on the beachfront to one on a cliff...:)

On the second day we took a half day boat trip to the Khai islands for some swimming and snorkeling. The scenery was breathtaking and the waters so clear! When we stopped on the island there were fish right there at the shore waiting for you to feed them. For someone who has a diving cert i have to say i'm the biggest wussy ever when it comes to swimming amongst fish...i was so weirded out i was screaming all the way onto the beach. Hehe leaving Joakim looking very embarrassed in the water hehehee.....

It was great that found the time to go on this trip, i can't wait for our next one.....hmmmm