Friday, March 27, 2009

The Sky Planter

How cool is this, an upside-down garden!

It allows you for the first time to grow plants upside down inside your home or office and
has turned thinking about gardening quite literally on its head!

Using a ground breaking internal reservoir system to feed water directly to the roots, means no water evaporates or drips. It also locks in the soil so there's no mess.

You only water it once a month, leaving you time to relax on the beach knowing they'll be thriving when you return. It's also a great way to conserve water.

Its suspended from your ceiling, so it takes up zero floor space, making it a practical solution for smaller apartments, where space is limited.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Christian Laboutain Shoe For Sale

The magazine i work for is selling a camel patent leather peep toe shoe in a size 8.

Original price is $1300 but they are selling it for $800.

It is an original - i would know because i went to pick it out at the store to loan for a fashion photo shoot. But when we returned it they refused to accept it because apparently the elastic back strap has been expanded a little. So the magazine had to pay for it.

It is brand new and other than the strap it is in pristine condition. For more information and inquiries call me, tas, on 90023853.

My Beautiful Mother - Inside & Out

This week we were looking through the family album and i spotted a photo of my lovely mum in her twenties. I think she looks so beautiful. My mum is exactly 30 yrs older than me but still has such lovely skin at the age of 58. I really hope that will be for me when i'm her age too! hehe.

Love you mum.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Second Hand Furniture Makeover

This was the makeover project i did for the decor section of the magazine i'm working for. The table was $90 and the chair was $30. I removed the ugly red vinyl seat cover and replaced it with a more updated black and white fabric. I got some help from Joakim with the sanding, then primed it and painted it glossy black.

I loaned the items on the table from CAM, Robinsons. The black carpet, white room divider screen, plant, pot and the lamp are all from IKEA, the white shoes are from Chloe. The photo shoot then took place in our living room. All in all the final cost was $270 for a brand new looking vanity table and bench. But i reckon if you already have the basic items such as paintbrushes and stapler guns it might be even cheaper.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tas & Joakim - Tioman 27 FEB 2009

Tioman is gorgeous! Bright blue and turquoise crystal clear waters! Although it takes 4 hrs by coach and another 2hrs by boat to the island, i'd say it's well worth the time!

We stayed at Paya Beach Resort, i wouldnt say it was super snazzy but it was comfortable enough! Hehe it was a good 3 days of eating, sleeping, massage, snorkelling, more eating and walks on the beach! On the last night we lay on the beach and watched the stars and i saw 2 shooting stars! It was so lovely lying on the beach at night, the sound of the ways lapping a metre away from your feet and watching the amazing star filled sky with someone you love!

It was super duper and so romantic! Joakim & I needed this long awaited alone time, it get's so hetic with work and being away from our computers and cell phones was great!!

Next trip - April 10th ....... destination not decided yet! i can't wait!!
We've decided! Next trip to Phuket end april to 3 may! yay!

V Day 2009!

We don't quite celebrate Valentines Day but it is a good excuse for us busy busy people to make sometime for our lovely partners. This was our Valentines day morning with us cycling to th beach to have breakfast, sandwiches for me and cereal for joakim. Then we cycled to my sisters house to hang out till noon! :) Perfect and full of love!