Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Boys Rooms

Thank you for your request Ria! Here are some really fun room designs to inspire you!

Oh gosh, I want to decorate my sons room so much (hes 8 years) but I don't want to go with the obvious blue or grey themes for boys. The thing is he is growing up but not in the teen stage yet (if you know what I mean) so its pretty hard. I need some inspiration... Lol Ive looked on the net and there are some great ideas but so confused on what to go with.

I guess a good thing to do is to get your son involved too! Let him help you with the painting (you could let him choose the colours too!), help you choose furniture and ask him for his opinion.

Personally i dislike themed kids rooms or rooms with huge murals of super hero or Disney characters on the walls, it all just seems so tacky . Some character they love today they might hate tomorrow.

I love bunk beds, i think all kids do too! They're great! It's the whole idea of climbing up to your secret space, just like a tree house, that gets them loving it. I reckon its also a great space saver to have a loft bed (so that you can have a desk or couch or storage space below) and bunk beds are great for stay overs!

Instead of painting the room blue, try different colours like greens, orange, or browns.

Having a reading nook or an allocated space just for reading is great for your son, keep all his books there and have a comfy chair for him to snuggle in, make sure its lit well.

Lastly, don't forget its his room not yours, so get him in front of the computer with you and let him help you do the choosing. Its a gd time for parent-son bonding as well!

photos from: dominomag,, pottery barn &


ria said...

Thank you so much Tas! These ideas are great and Ive never seen them before I especially love those bunk beds! I would definitely take ideas from your post and mix and match them.

Like you I hate themed rooms, theyre pretty tacky and like you said they usually go off them after a while. Thank you again xxxx

Squirrels & Tea said...

no worries ria! It was my pleasure!xxx

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