Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Singapore Grand Prix

The Grand Prix was held here in Singapore last Sunday and the most we got to "see" out of the race was the loud sound of the cars zooming by on the phone ( i called my sister during the race - she on the other hand was in the grand stands). Other than the fact that the traffic was a mess due to all the road closures and and all the bus services being diverted i think it's pretty cool that our tiny island managed to host such a prestigious event and pulled it off so well.

Formula One Racing held its 800th race on Sunday here in Singapore,with the Singapore Grand Prix - also the first Formula One race held at night. Organizers built, then lined a 5 kilometer track with over 1,600 lamps, said to be four times brighter than those used at football stadiums. Twenty drivers drove 61 laps for a total of 309 kilometers at speeds sometimes approaching 300 kilometers per hour - in our country that once banned the sport, in part for promoting reckless driving. Driver Fernando Alonso of Renault won the race with a time of 1:57:16.304.

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