Friday, October 31, 2008

Go Outside and Play

It's scary how kids these days are so playstation, game boy, psp and whatever else there is out there crazy!

Whatever happened to kids running and playing outside! I remember when we were young we played outside and only came inside because we were forced to. We played catching, hide-and-seek, zero-point, rode our bikes and pretended we were on an adventure, slid down the grass slopes on cardboard boxes and entertained ourselves with play and friends!

Here's a really cute range of clothing by Wire&Twine and designed by Wendy. I'll take mine gift wrapped please!


ria said...

I know what you mean. My kids are so into their computer games that I have to force them to go outside and have a limit on TV viewing. I too loved playing outside when I was small and its a shame that kids these days are mostly couped up indoors.

Btw the t-shirts are so cute lol

Squirrels & Tea said...

Yay i'm so proud of you for limiting their screen viewing! Gd on you sweetie!

Yea i love the t-shirts too!