Friday, October 3, 2008

A few good eggs

I'm reading this book now and recommend it to any woman suffering from infertility. It's a really easy read ... "i get it". It's also a good bedside book to have that will make you understand infertility and allow you to stop blaming yourself. Except when it got to the miscarriage chapter i was in tears the whole chapter through.

Open any magazine these days and you’ll find photos of a blissful older mother or a midlife celeb snuggling their new bundle of joy. Unfortunately, these articles often don’t showcase the truth about later-in-life pregnancy. They bypass the tremendous amount of financial, emotional, and physical effort that couples who are having trouble conceiving go through.

In this warm, funny, empathetic book, journalist Julie Vargo and literary agent Maureen Regan — women who have personally experienced almost every aspect of infertility — give the lowdown on what women really need to know. Want to know the real scoop on hormonal havoc, fertility drug fiascos, sperm counts, ovarian lining, cervical mucus and how much this whole fertility thing can cost financially, physically and emotionally? The chicks tell all — all the things your doctor doesn’t tell you and your mom probably doesn’t know are discussed in this book in the way only good girlfriends can dish.

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