Friday, October 31, 2008

Go Outside and Play

It's scary how kids these days are so playstation, game boy, psp and whatever else there is out there crazy!

Whatever happened to kids running and playing outside! I remember when we were young we played outside and only came inside because we were forced to. We played catching, hide-and-seek, zero-point, rode our bikes and pretended we were on an adventure, slid down the grass slopes on cardboard boxes and entertained ourselves with play and friends!

Here's a really cute range of clothing by Wire&Twine and designed by Wendy. I'll take mine gift wrapped please!

Faces in Broccoli

I stumbled across this lovely blog called bread&honey by summer and alicia today and read this creepy but funny post on little scary tiny faces morphed into the products on packaging! Check it out for yourself! Here are some photos taken by alicia and macro shots to give you a closer look!Can you see it? Here's a closer look!More scary little faces in on the jam label!!!

Is this creepy or what!! reminds me of the munchkins in the wizard of oz!! eeeee. i wonder if we have Cascadian Farm products in Singapore?

Homey Warm Cinnamon Whiffs

These make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

photos from

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sweet Tweets

The handmade ceramic "birds" range by Polly George is so lovely. Simple and sweet.

brig cooks!

We were very impressed by Brig's cooking skills. Here is evidence of her getting close to a real stove....:) She came over and made us really good Swedish pancakes from scratch!! .....actually brig was really impressed with herself too! hehe.....thanks brig!


I'm so excited to go to Style:Nordic 3rd Anniversary sale tomorrow, they carry the Marimekko range and i want them all!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Flatshare fridge

This is such a great idea for flatsharers! I hate the idea of sharing my fridge space with un-family members. Well the good bit is we have a huge fridge all to ourselves now. No more guesing games with food in the fridge!

Flatshare fridge, with separate, portable modules powered by a single base station has won first prize in the Electrolux Design Lab 2008 competition. Conceived by Stefan Buchberger of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Flatshare also won the media award and the people’s choice award.

"“I got the idea to create the Flatshare fridge because in many shared flats there is a problem with the refrigerator, says Buchberger. “It gets filthy because no one person feels responsible for cleaning it.” College students, grad students and young professionals, for examlple, often share living spaces…and kitchens. With Flatshare, never again will they have to endure another person’s moldy cheese or old leftovers."

Monday, October 27, 2008

ReForm School Rules, Rules!

Reform School Rules, easily one of the most original and totally cool web shops anywhere. Categories of fun little goodies from indie artists are all grouped by school subject - Library for books, Art 101 for prints, Child Development for baby and kids gifts, and Organic Chemistry for (no, not drugs) bath and body products.

One more cool thing about the site is the Student of the Month category featuring limited edition pieces. Worth a look: The spectacular hand-painted and silkscreened Fijian stool in a collaboration between Mali tribespeople and LA artist Kat Brecher with proceeds supporting a local school. Just make sure your kid plays with the puzzles instead.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Scandanavian Grace

Scandinavian Grace is owned and operated by Fredrik Larsson and James Anthony. They provide a wide range of classic and contemporary design from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway. They've introduced never before seen products into the American market like Vik Prjonsdottir, Asplund, Ihreborn, and new collections from Marimekko.

Their desire is to present Scandinavian design standards in a fresh and exciting light.

If you live in NY you'd be able to visit their stores but if you don't, no worries, there's always their online store!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

John Derian for Target

Derian is best known for his artisan decoupage techniques and his charmingly eccentric designs. Derian collects unique items and prints to serve as inspiration for his collections and believes that design is a translation of the imagination.

Coming this September, Target will launch the exclusive John Derian™ for Target® collection of decorative stationery and home décor products. The focus of the collection is Derian’s whimsical interpretation of nature, including butterflies, birds, vegetables and insects. The product assortment includes items such as a scrapbook kit, photo albums and desktop accessories. Home décor items include wall art, shadowboxes, trays and vases. These products will be available for a limited time.

Makes me wish we had target here in Singapore!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Infrared Photography by Scott T Parris

These photos are so beautiful! They're taken by Scott, Brig's friend of whom leads a dream lifestyle of being a permanent traveler! What awe i have for those who make traveling their life.. :) Visit his website to read about his latest travel adventures and view his gallery of photos.

Happy Travels Scott!

photos by stparris