Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Surgery - Images not for the faint hearted

Last Thursday i went for a surgery to remove the cysts in my ovaries, this week on the same day i went back to get my "battle scars" cleaned and checked. The best part of the visit other than good news of everything "looking good" as far as holes in my tummy go was that my doctor gave me the still shots of my operation!

It so amazing how far we've come with technology but seeing my insides was "way cool"! hehehe....(looks at the fat lining and is a little grossed out).

The procedure took less than two hours and i left the hospital that same evening! It's pretty amazing how quick it went!

Laparoscopic surgery involves 3 or 4 small incisions on the abdomen through which special instruments are passed. The surgeon is able to see inside the body through an instrument called a laparoscope. This instrument is a form of telescope with a fibre-optic light source. Through a miniature video camera connected to it, a very clear image of the inside of the body is transmitted to a TV monitor.

The little burnt black holes are from the "drilling", sounds a little scary but its actually to destroy (cauterize) the testosterone producing tissue of the ovary. From 4-20 "holes" can be made in each ovary, usually 3 millimeters wide and 3 millimeters deep.

Thank you my joakim for taking such good care of me post-op.


Azreen & Hafiz said...

Oh my! Oh MY! OH WOW! Amazing! So they don't actually remove them. It looks like a mangosteen. How many times is this magnified? Hmm you couldn't have just asked him to remove the fat while he's at it heh? Lol, love you. With God's grace, I hope this will set you on your way to mummy-dom. I love you.

Squirrels & Tea said...

yup they just zap zap zap! thats my ovary the mangosteen looking thing. it's encased in a white shell, healthy ones are spongy.

thanks kak i can't wait for our kids to be best friends!

Squirrels & Tea said...

hhe yea i should have asked him to zap the fat away too!