Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cleaning Day

Today is cleaning day at the Smidhagens. We're getting some help with the cleaning, with my cleaning supply "kit" wicker basket, we're all raring to go.....grills, toilets, fans, floors and dusting.....check!

Joakim says we can't call Spring Cleaning coz we don't get spring here so we're gonna call it "Raya Cleaning" What do you guys think of organic cleaning supplies? Apparently it's good for those trying to get pregnant... :) like me!


farah said...

wah babe only you are able to glamourise cleaning like this.everything in your house looks picture perfect down to the cleaning things.

Squirrels & Tea said...

thanks kak! today i was in the bookstore looking for the perfect nursery decorating book, and i found it! Will post the book on soon!