Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bills Food - Azreen Style

My sister Azreen who's 6 months pregnant (figures) has suddenly turned lil' miss baker, and she's so good at it! Last night she made us a lovely butter milk cake topped with her homemade (did i mention home made!) raspberry sauce with whipped cream and fresh blueberries on the side! It was heavenly! Even better than the lovely sweet banana updside down cake she made last last sunday! Yummm.....

Bill's been helpin her out a lil. I'll be sure to try out a recipe or two soon once i get my hands on his book too!

The pix above are of a chocolate bread she made last sunday droools!

Thanks Kak Az

photos by azreen noor


Azreen & Hafiz said...

Hehe, thanks Tas, my sisters are always my biggest fans. Forgot to take a pic of the raspberry cake :(

I'll pass you the book... I figure I'll move on to my 2,000 other cookbooks.

Meanwhile, you're obviously a freelancer if you can update your blog so often. *jealous*

Love ya!

Squirrels & Tea said...

hehehe yay!! thanks! yes i'm your biggest fan! xxxxx