Thursday, April 17, 2008

Zain goes to the airport to pick up dada

Zain has now been walking for a couple of months.....he loves it alot....

Here's an update from his mamma's blog that she's written to him, i thought i might as well add in since his mama writes so well :

Your favourite word is GAK Goooo, which is Zain for Let's Go. You mew like a cat so convincingly with a soft, sweet owwwww, especially since I haven't heard a cat actually say MIAOW. Your first word was Mamma (hehe) but you can also call Baba now, as you excitedly look for him. You can point to your ears, mmmm like a cow, point to Elmo, laugh on cue, cup your hands in doa, clap like there's no tomorrow, leave teeth marks in my arm, put your hands up, show one finger when we ask how old you are, comb your hair, say 'book', point to cats and birds in your books, kiss, blow flying kisses, kick and throw a ball, give atok high-fives, show me your tongue, wave goodbye, nod yes, shake your head when we say Laillahaillallah, and brighten any crummy day with a smile.

Here are some pix of Zain and us at the airport picking my dad up last Sunday. And also some of him reading.

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