Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday Brig!

Our dear friend Brig turned 40 last Sunday (13th April) and we had the honor of spending most of the day with her. At 10am we picked her up and went for a birthday breakfast at Simpang Bedok no less, where we had roti prata's and teh and of course PRESENTS! i got brig a jewellery dish and Joakim made a painting for her......

After breakfast we were off to Changi Beach, mat and snacks in hand to chill and watch the planes go by (frightfully close over our heads), during which we decided that it was a perfect day for a dip in the sea, so we were off again to my house to get swimming gear and supplies.

We then headed over to the quiet bit of East Coast beach to swim the the warm waters with Riz and Ruby's been ages since i've swum in the sea and actually the first time i've ever been in the sea with Joakim ever! Of course we sooooo had to end the day with unhealthy greasy Mc Donalds - and the day ended with us driving through and stuffing our faces with yummy burgers and fries!

Pretty gd day i must say and i'm so happy i got to celebrate Brig's birthday with her.

Happy B'day my beautiful Brig.... Love you.

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