Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i love my zain!

zain now walks with no help from big peoples. And he moos too! my perfect nephew.

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Hjh Salma said...

My Dear Tasneem,

i dont know how I got to your blog! i was looking for a lost file and suddenly yours and Hisham blog appeared!!

But I really enjoyed looking at the picture of the day at the zoo and how Zain and NurAlya are growing up. They are so adorable.

But it is also nice to get glimpses of my dear nieces and their hubbies and all looking so happy and living life.

It suddenly makes me realise how fast time has passed and all the years gone by... and thank Allah again and again for all the moments. Looks like the Latiff great grand children will be taking over the world in a grand way!!InshaƄllah.