Thursday, February 28, 2008

Everything Baby!

As a tribute to my dear and very pregnant cousin Farah, Ive decided to do a post on nursery interiors and anything else baby that i love!

Kak Farah do you know "Tasneem" could also be a boys name? hehe....

Love tas

Products photos from: Martha IKEA


farah said...

hey babe

Thanks, the pictures look awesome. But i dont have that magic touch la. Must get professional..Tasneem Tutera perhaps? heh.
Until now i have not done anything to the room. Not even bought a cot/playpen or whatever for him to sleep on...Poor child...

Squirrels & Tea said...

ahhhh ok masi tasneem must help his mama do up his room!!

please please call me anytime if you wanna go shopping for baby stuff. I'm not working now and can help you out anytime!

Love tas

farah said...

thanks a million ... right now i walk like a penguin and feel like a hippo..i can't do much of anything at all