Sunday, February 10, 2008

Brig's gorgeous new home

We were so excited going to see brig's new home yesterday! And so happy she now lives so close to where us so we get to hang-out more! whoopie! Fellow plant lover and house decorator person .... we always have some exciting new tips to share with each other!

OMG! i love her new's perfect!! It's almost impossible finding an apartment like this one in Singapore. It has special nooks and unusual corners that made me wanna move in with her! Oh and that cat painting above the anique cabinet..she painted it herself and put in in a lovely frame she salvaged from the trash!

It's balcony the size of my living room is to-die-for! Joakim our hunky handy man helped brig put up her paintings and her infamous mosquito net that also is an Uljas net.

The details brig has added are so special and gives the house plenty of character....

Love you brig ... we'll be over again so soon!

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