Thursday, February 28, 2008

More inspiring ideas from one of my favourite magazines.


Inspiring Books i'd love to get my hands on!

Everything Baby!

As a tribute to my dear and very pregnant cousin Farah, Ive decided to do a post on nursery interiors and anything else baby that i love!

Kak Farah do you know "Tasneem" could also be a boys name? hehe....

Love tas

Products photos from: Martha IKEA

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mamma's here! - 21st Feb

Joakim's mamma, Maria is finally in Singapore! This is my first time meeting my mother-in-law and she's as sweet as i imagined her to be...and super trendy too!

Thanks to lovely Bernt who managed to make her take a plane over (she's super terrified) i finally get to meet the person solely responsible for the existence of my joakim.

Even though we don't speak the same language, we manage to get by with hand gestures, nods and most importantly genuine smiles, we shop together and we even managed to cook dinner tonight.

So far we've been to Plaza Singapura, around Tampines, Raffles City, Raffles Hotel, For Canning, Physio Solutions, Ikea Singapore hehe ... Orchard on the itinerary for tomorrow.

I'm so glad i finally get to meet a new member of my family and i can't wait to get to know her better :)

Welcome to Singapore Mamma & Bernt!

Love Tas

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our 7th Anniversary (19th of feb)

My heart is like an open book to you, you read every page and you just fall deeper and deeper in love with me. I love you Tas, yesterday, today and and forever. Your life is more amazing and more beautiful than you can ever understand. I have everything I can ever dream of in you, and I can barely wait to see what you will show me tomorrow.

Yesterday my mother came to visit us here in Singapore, and as you know it was her first trip to asia. At Riz birthday party earlier tonight she said that she loves you so much. She is so amazed over everything, how she's treated, your family and friends. She said it's so different from Sweden and she's not used to it at all. It's more than overwhelming for her.

Hun, put your hand on my chest when you wake up in the morning and feel my heartbeat....every single one of them are for you, every one.
We've been married for 7 months now and as I look at you, sleeping here next to me, I can feel that this was really meant to be. It's unbelievable how happy you make me, how alive I feel around you. Just a glance from you puts a smile on my face and make my heart beat a little extra...
Goodnight my love, see you in the morning.

Love you, always.
Your husband

Monday, February 18, 2008

Brig the artist

Thanks for the lovely painting you made us brig!

They sit lovely on our fridge so i'm reminded of you whenever i open the fridge....constantly..

love your partner plant mover.

The Best Card Ever

This is the card Joakim made me for Valentines Day.

I likes it lotstest.

Valentines Day Treasure Hunt

Happy Valentines Day sweetie!!

This was our first valentines day as "married peoples" and i thought i'd surprise joakim, when he came back from class he found a note on our door to start the treasure hunt that went on around the house and eventually ended in our bedroom with his present, book and card!

Hehehe it was so much fun!