Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Road trip to KL & Malacca

Yay Joakim has finally got his Singapore Permanent Residence status confirmed and is sooo happy and proud to have a Singaporean IC. He finds any excuse to take it out and proudly flash it so everyone can see hehe... :) So this is his first time on a trip out of Singapore as a real Swedaporean!

It was such a last minute decision to take the trip to Malaysia with mum, ba and riz but we managed to confirm the day before they were planning to leave.

Ba drove over to pick us up at 7am in the morning and we were all set to go...right on schedule until kak az decided she wanted to come too! She figured since she'd be stuck at home sick with Zain she might as well come along! Whoopie!

First it was about a 2.5hr drive to Malacca where we stayed for a night and then up and early the next morning to get to Kuala Lumpur by 12pm.

There was so much shopping to do and the store sales were fantastic! I was in shoppers paradise! And with the currency conversions it was so fun spending!! hehe... I reckon the boys had enough of waiting around for us as we shop so on the third day ba and joakim had a little bonding session as they drove down to see the mosques and the Islamic Museum.

On the way back from KL to Singapore i drove about 3/4 of the way which was pretty cool! This was my first time driving for such a long period of time and also going soooo fast!! hehe (mum nearly got a heart attack with my F1 driving as she calls it).

Just one month to go and i get to take my triangle plate off! wooohoo!

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