Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! & Happy Birthday K.Aized!

We got a room at Swisshotel the Stamford this year coz we wanted to make it a special one for Joakim and also coz Azzie loves firework...and i mean REALLY loves fireworks.... :)

Our room had a pretty good view of the harbour and the fireworks were splendid! Being all the way up in the comfort of a hotel room felt even better after seeing the drones of people disperse on the streets after the fireworks were over.

Mum and Ba came over for lunch on the 1st and we had a cake for kak Aized and just hung out together....loved it!

It's gonna be a good year this year - I just know it! Whooopie!


Azreen & Hafiz said...

Fireworks... drool!

The ONLY way to spend New Year's is with my sisters. Period.

And this one was lovely.

May we all be better Muslims this year.

Squirrels & Tea said...