Monday, December 17, 2007

Trial Parents for three hours

Happy Wedding Anniversary K Az and Hafiz!!! Mum booked a room at the Conrad as a present for them and joakim and i got to baby-sit our darling zain while they have a romantic dinner to celebrate! :)

Whoah...all hail mothers around the universe! It's not as easy and fuzzy as us non-mothers imagine it to be but i can see what my sister means by "rewarding" when zainy zoony gives me a big gummy toothless (4 teeth actually) smile right after i clean him from his toxic poo he's just made in his pull-ups. Joakim also managed to find a way to keep zain occupied and happy by hiding at the sides of the bed and popping up to surprise him making zain laugh .. :)

I'm happy to say that we're even more excited to become parents after our "trial" session with our darling nephew who "bites".


farah said...

wah!! you get to bathe Zain. Until today no one has trusted me with this job before.

Squirrels & Tea said...

Muahaha no thats actually kak az bathing him before she went for dinner....:) Soon you'll be doing lots of bathing tiny slippery squealing beings and no one gets to say anything coz it's all yours!

love you...see you on thursday!!