Friday, October 5, 2007

Mimosa Park

Yesterday my dad took joakim and i down memory lane to Mimosa Park, the condominium where i was "born" at. It was so cool to see and be able to remember the place so clearly even though i only lived there till i was 8. Everything looks so small now.

I've had the best childhood memories, the pool, the clubhouse, the grass hill we used to slide down on flattened cardboard boxes and the many struggles i had with the bus driver not wanting to go to school without my mummy. And of course our wonderful neighbours like Aunty Marina and Uncle Tommy who treated me like their own.

My dad said i was a waterbaby, he said i used to run all the way in my little leopard print bikini from the house to the clubhouse and jump straight into the pool, get onto the jumping board and do it over and over again. I remember going door to door selling paper booklets for 20 cents with my sister Azreen that we had made out of colourful papers we stapled together. Oh we used to fight the both of us, we'd be pinching each other making each other bleed, fingernails marks and all, pull each others hair until mum came to break it up...or until i win!!..hehehe....oh and also the huge iguana that came in through the living room door that ran over neneks back!! And learning to ride a bicycle and roller skate on the road infront of our unit.

My dad say's all the Nim trees that were once lined the streets are gone. The tree had small inedible fruit in orange and green that fell onto the road that we used to step on and squish on purpose, and i can still smaell the sweet smell of the the flowers.

After moving from Mimosa Park, we stayed at Seletar Air Base in a huge colonial house with a bigger lawn around it. That's where we used to run around knocking on doors then run away, climb trees (i scrapped the skin off both my arms sliding down) look for snakes, brave the long grasses in search of pineapples, cycle around and "investigate", watch the planes take off at the hangar, and hide in the trunk of the car to surprise my dad when my mum drove to pick him up at the gates. hehe....There used to be painters living across from us and they used to let us roller skate all over their wooden boards they laid out on their front lawn to do their large scale paintings on. Oh and of course eating fruit off the rambutan trees!! We also had mangosteen and rambutan trees in our yard that my grandmother spotted a phyton under one day. We raked the leaves in the lawn with my dad then have so much fun watching it all burn in the bonfire we had at the back. (i swear i can still remember the smell and the crackling) Oh and our tree swing!! My dad built us a tree swing that we loooooved!!! We'd also put out water and bread for the birds and hide at the window to watch them. :)

Aye i wish i was little again, with not a worry in the world. The wind in my hair, bright pink rollerskates on!


farah said...

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.....

Min-Yi said...

Hi! I used to live at Mimosa Park too! I moved out in 1991... I remember the hill too... had such FUN rolling/running/tumbling down it. The only bad thing was all the sharp weeds that got stuck in our clothes on our way down the hill! Such good memories!