Sunday, October 21, 2007

3rd Month Wedding Anniversary!

I can't believe how fast 3 months have flown by! We had a nice dinner at the Straits Kitchen in the Hyatt to celebrate (thanks to Gottfried). Joakim got to try "Mua Chee", Duku and Coconut ice cream for the first time. :) Happy anniversary huney! biiig hugs. *and 3 kisses. I loved the bowls and the wall deco..hehe i'm sure i got strange looks while taking photos of em' but i couldn't help it!


farah said...

Congratulations you two..


Azreen & Hafiz said...

awwww congrats! Sigh that was supposed to be my dinner.

Carlos said...

Hi there :).
My name is Carlos and i'm a friend of Joakim. We used to work together as CG-artist a while ago.
Just got to congrats you guys for wedding and the wedding anniverary :).
Tell him I said Hello, and also tell him that he's a "tokjävel!". He'll explain what it means ;).


Squirrels & Tea said...

Thanks Carlos!! Joakim is indeed my very own tokjävel :) We're having another wedding in Sweden next summer and you are invited!