Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our Honeymoon in Bali - The Villas 4-7 Sep 07

4th of September 2007- Mum, Riz, Kak Az and Zainnyzooney came to send us off for our honeymoon!. As usual kak az surprises us, with her and Zian's presence. We were soo happy they all came to send us off! It was sooo sweet....It's so great to have a loving family!

Thanks to Kak Aized & Azreen, we had our honeymoon in Bali in a very gorgeous resort called The Villas in Seminyak. We stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights and were treated to our very own private swimming pool and 3 rooms. It was so cool coz we could skinny dip anytime of the day hehe, use any room we wanted to, had 3 outdoorish bathrooms with tubs and had our meals prepared in our kitchen by a chef.

We rented a car on the first day we were there and braved the crazy traffic. Not only we had to drive on roads full of people who have no formal driving training and who didn't comply to any traffic rules, it was also a manual car and we didnt know where we were going coz the map's didnt include minor roads!! tough! So we had lots of getting lost episodes and a bunch of "Honey! Why didn't you tell me to turn left earlier!!" hehe but it was all good in the end coz we had such a relaxing villa to go home to and it made us appreciate our driver so much more.

Walking along the streets in Kuta can make you a very very grumpy annoyed person, the never ending " Sir/Ibu/Darling/Kakak, Cheap cheap, Hair braiding, Manicures for US$1 and Transport very cheap!!" drove us insane! Specially in the heat and because we usually had no idea where we were.

This was our first time on a plane together and we're looking forward to many many more!

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