Sunday, September 23, 2007

2-in-1 celebration

Today we went downstairs to see what the neighbours were up to for the lantern festival. Although we have only been living here for about 2 months the old "aunty's" here know so much about us and are extremely hospitable.

It's so cool everyone "knows" us and know exactly where we live. There is one particular old lady that we always see when we leave the house or return home, she'd be downstairs at the common area chatting with her other old aunty mates. And because she doesn't speak much English she'd always just nods or smile at us to acknowledge us. Then one day she said "ahh you from floor three right?" and i agreed in surprise. It's funny how them old people know so much of the going-on's around the neighbourhood. Joakim jokingly remarked that she know's more about us then we do ourselves.

Well today it was her birthday too! So they had a party in the courtyard of our neighbourhood and in her broken english sweetly invited us to her little celebration!! we were so touched! They were all so kind and hospitable. Everyone of them trying to make us eat, sit or drink. We had cake and fruits and iced-tea.* Joakim had his first taste of Pomelo. We went to get some chocolate tartlets to add to the buffet table as well. If only we knew it was her birthday i would have gotten her something too.

I found it so lovely how everyone was so close almost like family. We spoke to one of the other neighbours, an older man, and he said that they all have been living here for about 20 years and have celebration like this 3 times a year, they even travel as a neighbourhood, to Malaysia and even China together. It touched me to see how lovely they were towards each other. :)

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