Sunday, September 30, 2007

Decorating small spaces

A sleeping loft in a studio apartment - i've always wanted one of these.

Here are some inspiring decors for small apartments as seen in Domino Magazine.
We'll be moving into our new apartment in a month so we're looking for new ideas. More ideas to inspire ....... :)

Cars from the 70's

These illustration's of cars on the signboards on the way to the train station look like they were from the 70's. My favourite is the one with the 50 cents sign, it looks like a limousine, the kind that the Chinese make out of cardboard to burn for their dead ancestors. Time for an update! :) hehe.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Wedding Shoes

These were a gift from Kak Nichie & Family. Because they were in Austria on our wedding day, Kak Nich and i went shopping for these shoes way before our wedding. Thanks to kak pri i now have a photograph of it :) I love my cousins!

Pink Gerbera's

i heart pink. These pink gerbera's are on my favourite cake plate that we used at our wedding. :) It now sits on our dining table.

portrait of aized

I love this candid photo of my sister aized was watching riz cable skiing, she has the prettiest side profile.. :)

Zain's Room

This post is about 6 months late but i just thought i'd put up a pix of the room we did up for Zain's arrival. Je and i painted the walls and i painted and put up the shelf and the letters that make up his name. All the wooden toys and the cute bird hooks are from a toy store in Takashimaya that sells the most gorgeous wooden toys. Below is the view from his room! :)

I've just realised i've got Zain three posts in a row.....what can i say! i'm a proud aunt!


Today we we're all at mum and bah's for Hafiz's Suprise Party! *wish kak aized could have been there too! Riz blew all 12 balloons and we all wore hats, then we hid behind the door and surprised him when he came in!! hehehehe....We had meatballs and pasta and steamed fish giant prawns and ice-cream!!! burrrp. Happy B'day Apis. :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Humming Car Sounds

Zain's just like his daddy , he loves cars and now he'll hummmm along with you when you go Vroooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm. :) Now he also loves walking with the help of the furniture around him. Yesterday when he was over, he was all over the bed posts... loving it!

The Tree Outside My Window

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finger Warmer

Along with always wanting to know how to sew, i've also always wanted to learn how to knit (and play the violin and be a florist and be an interior designer). For now i'm working on the learning to knit bit and so far my first attempt has been rather unsuccessful. I was working on making Joakim the glorious green scarf you see on the instructional card but ended up with a smaller piece that i thought would make great finger warmer for him. :) I've also added a "J" on it so that he know's it's his! Maybe a scarf the next time huh. :)

Raisins & Ice Cream

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Swedish Design

The Swedes have extremely good taste. And i'm not just saying that coz my husband's Swede :) The Swedish furniture and products i've stumbled on online have made me go oooh aaaahhh.

I'm so excited to dress up the apartment in Sweden, we've already planned to go second hand furniture shopping for the best deals, take it home and work on giving it a fresh coat of paint together or get it fixed up with new fabric. It would be something we'd look forward to doing together. You're all welcome to visit okie dokes!

Photos from Ellos, Et Hjem, Cosas & Nordic Style