Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tur's Suprise Party at Mc Donalds!

Happy 26th Bday Ahtur!! This was at Turtle's suprise bday party at Mc Donalds! We played musical hula hoops and pop the ballons! And i won both games....ok we all won both games *eventhough i didnt play pop the ballons *eeep....but i was first in line to get a present for winning! woooohooooo!

Tur's cake was a gorgeous spongebob squarepant's cake..I swear everytime i cut through one of spongebobs limbs all of them will scream! We got to bring home both his legs....... Oh and we had to get in line and walk outside the room to wash our hands befor we eat like good little boys and girls.

Then my darling husband thought he had lost his wedding ring (*the pix of him looking sad with the Shrek ears was after he found out his wedding ring was missing) and we had to play a new game of treasure hunt finding it. And the poor Mc Donalds staf were instucted to dismantle the sink we washed our hands in just to check if the ring was there. *it was at home, he wasnt wearing it when he left the house...hmmph!.

oooh Tur had soo many presents too! She got a swinging swing, a chocolate gumball machine, many trucks holding moving animals, a chicken that laid eggs ass he clucked around the room and a playboy water dispenser that her mum says will bring her good luck!

All hail Tur the great! The sweetest friend ever the kind of friend you'd imagine growing old with! Always thinking of others first and also the most hardworking person in the world! She treats all her friends like family and is always there for me when i need her most! No wonder we all love her so much.... Love you Tur!! xxoo

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