Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PhysioSolutions-Physiotherapy & Beyond

We're so proud of Aized!! She now has her own physiotherapy and sports massage clinic and it's so gorgeous, like her! *she's also really gd at what she does ..... she always does manips for us at home and "fixes" without complaining....above are some pix of her clinic before and after!

Physiosoutions has a staff of very experienced physiotherapists and sports massage therapists to help you with all your pains and aches - for the long run too! Also they have a running club which is open for anyone interested. Every Wednesday, at 6.30pm, starts at the clinic and goes 5-8km around the fort canning area! Check out her site at www.physiosolutions.com.sg or call her clinic at 63331211* and get to speak to jane darling, for more info!!


aized said...

Thank you Tas & Joakim!

I could not have done it without you both!! And the rest of my family too!! I love you all very much!


swedaporean said...

We love you more!!

Anonymous said...
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