Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our little angel

Our little Zain is growing up so fast and i miss him as soon as he's out of my arms! and the thing is i'm just the aunty! Now Zain has two tiny teeth and the last time i saw him he looked at me and smiled and spoke...he said "googa" which means i love you masi tas, sooo much" much more than my icey teething cloth and lots more than masi aized.

Good job kak az and fiz!


Azreen & Hafiz said...

Dearest Masi Tas

I love you too! For sure you can tell from the way my face lights up when I see you & Cha Cha Hesham. BTW, it's ICY not ICEY! heheh Googa!


swedaporean said...

I told you he's smart!! he spells better than i do.... but then again anyone spells better than me!!

Googa Zain!!

Love you!! xxxxooooooo

aized said...

Hey! Zain loves Masi Aized more!! I love you so so much Zainy boy!

Masi Aized