Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ali, Reza and Hesham (Yup we stole his name)

Our 3 darlings from Canada have just gone home....we miss them....These are the 3 sweetest boys ever! And sooo well behaved and fun to be around. I'm so glad i got to get to know them better on thier last trip here and even happier that the could make it to our wedding!

This is us in Sentosa, the weather was sooo bad for a day at the baech but we still managed to have soooo much fun with volleyballing ( i broke my nail), lugeing (where you ride a ski lift and go-kart down), and also managed a little picnic on the beach where reza spilled our melted ice cream all over hesham's freshly washed backpack) hehe..... Oh and of course we took the wrong monorail, so instead of taking a tour around the island it took us out of Sentosa to Vivo City! OOh we also went to the night safari, more pix coming up!

I cant wait for them to come back to Singapore, Rez you first!!! whooopie!

Love you guys!

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