Wednesday, August 22, 2007

5 birthdays cakes for Joakim

31st of July - Happy 35th Birthday Joakim!! (hehe we're a little behind with these postings arent we)

This year my darling husband had 5 birthday cakes from all of us and 2 birthday presents from me!!! hehe
Cake 1 - at our wedding at Fort Canning on the 19th July - Surprised him during our speech with a cake from blissful bakes and a Wacom board)
Cake 2 - at Happy Daze with Mon & Anne - At 12am on the 31st after our evening walk
Cake 3 - with Sorello, Nick and Brig at Cafe 211 hehe Nick goes crazy with his Transformers helmet!! :) Nick's Bday too!
Cake 4 - at Da Paolo with me (outdoors in the middle of One Rochester)
Cake 5 - with mum and Ba at Warong Ali (cake and pisang goreng!)

Hehehe there you go!! As you can tell my no-cake diet's not ging so well.....

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