Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PhysioSolutions-Physiotherapy & Beyond

We're so proud of Aized!! She now has her own physiotherapy and sports massage clinic and it's so gorgeous, like her! *she's also really gd at what she does ..... she always does manips for us at home and "fixes" without complaining....above are some pix of her clinic before and after!

Physiosoutions has a staff of very experienced physiotherapists and sports massage therapists to help you with all your pains and aches - for the long run too! Also they have a running club which is open for anyone interested. Every Wednesday, at 6.30pm, starts at the clinic and goes 5-8km around the fort canning area! Check out her site at www.physiosolutions.com.sg or call her clinic at 63331211* and get to speak to jane darling, for more info!!

Night Safari with my boys

I got to go to the Night Safari with 5 gorgeous guys! ooooh....hehe ...This was Joakim's 1st visit and the 2nd visit for the rest of us. It was much better than i remembered it to be. The show was really good too i really enjoyed it muchly. My Favourite animal is the Sugar Glider, what a perfect name! I'd like a name like that if i were an animal. Sure beats a name Iike platypus. Reckon the next time we'll be going is when Zain's old enough :)

Gorgeous Creations for Every Occassion

These were our doorgifts for our wedding which everyone loved! It's a sugee cake with icing and a gorgeous sugar paste flower on top. We bought them from Blissful Bakes. They also make cakes for any occassion. Check them out at www.blissfulbakes.com.

teacup the squirrel

We got this at Tekka Market for $15. It's the cutest thing ever...and its a SQUIRREL and we like it alot! It's part of our squirrel collection now...we have only 3 squirrels now...but it's growing! hehe Joakim's glasses look gd on him! We'll take a new pix when he gets his new Oakley's in 2 weeks! wooohooo!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tur's Suprise Party at Mc Donalds!

Happy 26th Bday Ahtur!! This was at Turtle's suprise bday party at Mc Donalds! We played musical hula hoops and pop the ballons! And i won both games....ok we all won both games *eventhough i didnt play pop the ballons *eeep....but i was first in line to get a present for winning! woooohooooo!

Tur's cake was a gorgeous spongebob squarepant's cake..I swear everytime i cut through one of spongebobs limbs all of them will scream! We got to bring home both his legs....... Oh and we had to get in line and walk outside the room to wash our hands befor we eat like good little boys and girls.

Then my darling husband thought he had lost his wedding ring (*the pix of him looking sad with the Shrek ears was after he found out his wedding ring was missing) and we had to play a new game of treasure hunt finding it. And the poor Mc Donalds staf were instucted to dismantle the sink we washed our hands in just to check if the ring was there. *it was at home, he wasnt wearing it when he left the house...hmmph!.

oooh Tur had soo many presents too! She got a swinging swing, a chocolate gumball machine, many trucks holding moving animals, a chicken that laid eggs ass he clucked around the room and a playboy water dispenser that her mum says will bring her good luck!

All hail Tur the great! The sweetest friend ever the kind of friend you'd imagine growing old with! Always thinking of others first and also the most hardworking person in the world! She treats all her friends like family and is always there for me when i need her most! No wonder we all love her so much.... Love you Tur!! xxoo

Thursday, August 23, 2007

my pillars of strength

i cant imagine life without my kak's and my riz. It's so cool that eventhough we live apart we've gotten closer, now more than ever! You know how they say that the further from each other you live, the closer you get? I know that'll be the case when we move to Sweden next year. With email , skype and the lovely web cam we'll stay as tight as we are now. I love them with all my heart and more. sniffles....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

5 birthdays cakes for Joakim

31st of July - Happy 35th Birthday Joakim!! (hehe we're a little behind with these postings arent we)

This year my darling husband had 5 birthday cakes from all of us and 2 birthday presents from me!!! hehe
Cake 1 - at our wedding at Fort Canning on the 19th July - Surprised him during our speech with a cake from blissful bakes and a Wacom board)
Cake 2 - at Happy Daze with Mon & Anne - At 12am on the 31st after our evening walk
Cake 3 - with Sorello, Nick and Brig at Cafe 211 hehe Nick goes crazy with his Transformers helmet!! :) Nick's Bday too!
Cake 4 - at Da Paolo with me (outdoors in the middle of One Rochester)
Cake 5 - with mum and Ba at Warong Ali (cake and pisang goreng!)

Hehehe there you go!! As you can tell my no-cake diet's not ging so well.....